the designer


Maripi Aspillaga is an interior designer based in Greenwich, CT.  Her distinctive style has enabled her to create vibrant, inviting, yet functional spaces with a modern aesthetic.  Maripi believes in working closely with her clients to create a home that reflects both the style of her clients and her passion for modern timeless designs.

She studied Architecture and Urbanism at the University Ricardo Palma in her hometown of Lima, Peru. She then moved to Barcelona, Spain where she received her master’s degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Craftsmanship at the University of Cataluña.   Upon graduation she moved to New York City and began the journey of creating her unique sense of style influenced by the exuberant colors of Peru and the myriad of art represented in Barcelona.  Maripi honed in on her skills while working with her mentor and acclaimed interior designer Vicente Wolf.   

Maripi Aspillaga founded NIMA Design in 2014 and has 15+ years of experience in both residential and commercial design. NIMA Design showcases her extensive travels and experiences in South America, Europe and NYC, passion for design, and dedication to her clients’ vision.

Maripi enjoys traveling and sharing her love of design and nature with her two children Nicolas, 8 and Marina, 5.